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Sandra Oh Talks Golden Globes Hosting Gig, ‘Killing Eve’ Season 2

Sandra Oh Talks Golden Globes Hosting Gig, ‘Killing Eve’ Season 2
7:30 AM PST 12202018 by Michael O’Connell

Sandra Oh is so damn excited.

Even eight time zones away, phoning Los Angeles one December morning from her last week of shooting season two of Killing Eve in London, it’s clear that she is jazzed about the Golden Globe Awards — which will see her nominated for her work on the BBC America drama and serving as host alongside Andy Samberg. The emcee gig, however, is something the 47-year-old actress doesn’t seem to have fully processed. Golden Globes 2019 live stream

I don’t know what to congratulate you on first.

What is even going on? A bunch of stuff is coming my way, so I’ll just say thank you.

You won a Golden Globe for Grey’s Anatomy in 2006. What do you remember about that night?

I think I drank like five bottles of champagne, and my body burnt through it so quickly that I was sober the entire time. I was sharp as a tack. I love the Globes. Come on! Everyone is all smushed in there, starving and drinking! You don’t get these shots often. And when you’re further along in your life and career, you really, really appreciate them.

Can you tell me a little about the hosting gig?

Oh my God, I’m terrified! I am super thrilled, so it’s the good terror. It’s like when you have to do something and you can’t see how you could possibly pull it together, but that uncertainty excites you.

Your name is not in the typical pool of awards-show hosting candidates.

I remember talking to Andy and saying, “I don’t have a persona. I don’t do this.” But I adore him so much. We met when we presented at the Emmys and just immediately had a rapport. I trust him. Hopefully people are having a good reaction to this because it is a bit of a funny choice.

How would you describe the new season of Killing Eve?

It moves from a chase to being together — in the same room. For me, it just gets so much more psychological. It’s trippy talking about it while I’m still in it, but these characters have established that they know who the other is. It just gets deeper and deeper.

Your parents have become Hollywood darlings in their own right after attending the Emmys. Will they be making it to the Globes?

You know, they’re elderly and I’ve shamefully dragged them to a lot of awards stuff. There is a lot of tape of them on red carpets. And after that last Emmys, I think they were just too tired. Maybe because they live in Canada but winter with me in Los Angeles. I don’t know if I’ll be able to convince them.

And will you be repeating your champagne consumption as a host?

Absolutely not! There’s this thing that kind of drives performers, which is that constant level of anxiety. I’ve got to be super sharp, but, man, I will have those five bottles afterward.

The only pressure is on the monologue. Then you just introduce presenters once or twice an hour.

How about each time I come and introduce someone, I’ll just bring out another bottle of champagne?

You’ll do great.

I’ll be laughing and crying the entire time.

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