Can Your Phone Do This?

I can remember some of the older models where the battery was half the phone and up to an inch thick, at least it seemed like it, they were so heavy. Remarkably, the use of SIM card keys for tactical military operations is completely ignored by The Intercept, even though this is probably the main purpose (which was also expressed by at least two security experts). As easy it may be to decrypt conversations when having the key, the more difficult it seems to get hold of keys that are useful for this purpose. In the end, the disclosures about various European countries did not proof massive spying by NSA, but rather show how close European agencies are cooperating with the Americans in the field of military intelligence. Only after the documents taken by Edward Snowden were published, people actually learned about how massive that spying is – in the eyes of Snowden and Greenwald.

NSA spying in Europe? As we know from previous Snowden-leaks, NSA and GCHQ have vast capabilities of filtering fiber-optic backbone cables that are likely to contain communications that are of interest for military or foreign intelligence purposes. Thousands of Wi-Fi connection spots known as hotspots are available throughout the world. Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald are using these documents to show how eager NSA is to collect every bit of communication that travels around the world. The router is able to sort itself out once the power is back and provides you hassle free access to your camera from anywhere in the world. Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald claim that NSA wants to collect, store, monitor and analyse the electronic communications of innocent citizens all over the world, which would be an unprecedented abuse of power and a violation of the American constitution. Both Snowden and Greenwald are acting from points of view that are based on Libertarianism, a political ideology which encompasses minimizing the influence of government and maximizing the freedom and liberties of individual citizens. Initially, Glenn Greenwald reported in various European newspapers that charts from this tool show that tens of millions of phone calls of citizens from Germany, Spain, France, Norway and Italy were intercepted by NSA. rswebsols rswebsols

During the second half of 2013 we learned about BOUNDLESSINFORMANT, the tool used by NSA for counting and visualizing its worldwide data collection activities. One indication that can be put together from the numbers from the BOUNDLESSINFORMANT tool is that 54% of the data that NSA collects globally comes from countries in the Middle East plus India. If you cant wait, there are several websites where you can order an induction cook top and have it delivered to your home. These websites are very easy to maintain and takes less time to develop. Past those time limits? The Snowden-leaks of the past year learned us a lot about NSA, but there are also some important aspects that were ignored. To do this, the NSA uses StingRay and DRT devices, which are highly sophisticated boxes that in a passive mode are capable of detecting and intercepting the radio transmissions of multiple cell phones.

It’s then encrypted again for the radio transmission between the cell tower and the receiving handset. Intercepting the radio signal of mobile phones needs to be done from rather close proximity. Amp’d Mobile is springing forward with such powerful features, that other cell phone companies will watch and learn. Both technology companies are from Japan, Sharp and Kyocera. As mentioned above, there are common and standard symbols for popular notifications on a BlackBerry device. One also wonders why The Intercept didn’t trace the companies that in 2010 and 2011 provided the SIM cards to the countries mentioned in the GCHQ report. For example, he tried to proof economic espionage by publishing a slide that shows the names of companies like Petrobras, Gazprom and Aeroflot. Targeting companies and organizations like Swift, Belgacom and Gemalto should not have come as a complete surprise. These ultimate targets could maybe justify these means, but without knowing what the actual goals are, it’s difficult to come with a final judgement.